Brief information about EMAC – Stara Zagora

The Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora was established on the grounds of Decree No. 195 of the Council of Ministers from year 1995.

The Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora is a unit operating 24-07 as per the meaning of the Medical Establishments Act. On the grounds of Art 35, Para 2 of the Medical Establishments Act, EMAC is a legal entity supported by the organic budget and having its seat in the administrative center of the Stara Zagora District.


Targets of EMA are:

All ill and injured persons in a situation directly threatening their life;
Ill and injured persons personally seeking aid at the emergency aid branches of the EMAC;
Persons certified as mentally ill and representing danger to themselves and those around them;
Women with commencing birth or abortion status;
Infants up to 1 year old for whom medical aid is sought;
Ill and injured persons for whom the nature and extent of illness cannot be estimated.

The quality of the emergency medical aid rendered at the health establishment must meet the best medical practice rules.

Activities and structura

Set up of activities and structural units

The organizational structure of EMAC-Stara Zagora includes:
• An administrative-economic sector;
• A regional coordinating Headquarters /RCHQ/;
• 8 emergency medical aid branches /EMAB/ situated within the territory of the district;

An information-communication system has been delivered by the French company SAGEM under the PHARE Program and set up at the Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora.
The system set-up is an aggregate of:
• Networked computers registering and storing the calls and information about the operations;
• A call filing system;
• A radio network;
• A telephone system;

The architecture of the radio network spans on three levels:
• Regional level /a radio system with coverage ensuring communication between the regional coordinating Headquarters, the branches, and the mobile radiostations within the region /;
• District level /ensuring radio connections between neighboring RCHQ/;
• National level /not implemented under the project/
The GPS /Global Positioning System/ coordinating system was implemented making it possible to achieve:

  1. temporary redirection of the teams;
  2. reduction of the time required to reach the location of the accident;
  3. effective control over fuel expenditure;
  4. protection against larceny;
  5. achieving better work safety for the teams in motion;
  6. establishing a telephone link;

To make radioconnection Sagem radio stations and the GPS system for location control are used.
All sanitary vehicles have mounted mobile radio stations allowing connection with the stationary ones located in the branches.
The GPS system controls the ambulance itineraries and allows radio link to each vehicle.

Changes in the telephone communications and the related cost reduction at the EMAC-Stara Zagora:
In relation to improving the organization of and control over the incoming calls at EMAC-Stara Zagora, in March 2007 all incoming calls to number 150 made in the entire district were diverted to the RCHQ and the 150 stations at the other branches were shut down.

BRANCHES Postal code, address
EMAB city of Stara Zagora /Regional Coordinating Headquarters/ 6000 city of Stara Zagora, 0 General Stoletov Str.
EMAB town of Kazanlak 6100 town of Kazanlak, 16 Starozagorska Str.
EMAB town of Radnevo 6260 town of Radnevo 41, Georgi Dimitrov Str.
EMAB town of Chirpan 6200 town of Chirpan, 19 Yavoeov Str.
EMAB town of Maglizh 6180 town of Maglizh, 7 Septemvrisko Vastanie Str.
EMAB town of Gurkovo 6199 town of Gurkovo, 1 6-st September Str.
EMAB town of Pavel Banya 6155 town of Pavel Banya, 4 Akacia Str.
EMAB town of Galabovo 6280 town of Galabovo, 10 Aleko Konstantinov Str.
EMAB vilage of Bratya Daskalovi 6250, vilage of Bratya Daskalovi, Septemvriici Str.