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The EMAC shall arrange and provide

  • Rendering of qualified EMA at the accident location;
  • The necessary volume of emergency diagnostic tests according to the capacity and the available equipment;
  • Clinical and instrumental monitoring of the patient until admission in the hospital;
  • Conduct of the required healing and specific life support activities until patient’s admission in a hospital;
  • Rendering of EMA in cases of Acts of God, disasters, and collisions, in coordination with the police, fire safety, and civil protection bodies;
  • Emergency advice between health establishments by providing emergency sanitary transportation of the national advisors;
  • Coordination and transportation of donors and organs to the health establishments performing organ transplants;
  • Reception, registration, processing, and submission of the incoming mayday calls and the information supplied by the teams by means of an automatic ICT system; the data are stored on magnetic carriers for a period of 3 years;
  • Provision of special transportation to:
    • Patients requiring EMA;
    • Blood, blood products, donors, organs, medicines, consumable, hardware between the health establishments for purposes of rendering EMA;
    • ll patients with transportation indicated by life support team from/between the health establishments
    • National and regional advisers;
    • Shipment of cadavers where subject to forensic examination, from location of accident to the relevant health establishment in the cases of accidental deaths in public.
  • Taking of blood samples from car drivers for alcohol content and other intoxicating substances;
  • Expert examinations for temporary incapacity for work.
  • Training of interns in the Emergency Medicine specialty.

If you need urgent medical assistance always call  

телефон 112

CEMA Stara Zagora

Центърът за спешна медицинска помощ Стара Загора

The Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora was established on the grounds of Decree No. 195 of the Council of Ministers from year 1995.

The Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora is a unit operating 24-07 as per the meaning of the Medical Establishments Act.


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 62, Ruski Blvd.


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